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Sleeping with Weapons: Why did John Lurie disappear? by Tad Friend

6/24/11: "I’m writing about this profile, because I think this profile is a failure. It fails to do justice to its subject (opting instead to be clever and arch in that New Yorker way, clever, condescending, self-satisfied, off-handedly cruel, lazy, elitist, devoid of bona fide literary purpose), and actually supplants reasoned consideration of Lurie’s life as a whole for a willingness to do him genuine harm."

For John Perry's side of the story, go HERE

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John Lurie (08/22):

Tad Friend of the New Yorker approached me about doing an article about my life and work. He said he believed in no surprises and he said he would have failed if the article were just to be about my stalker situation. Well, I was surprised and Tad certainly failed.
What is not mentioned in this article is that after the shoot, I offered to come back and shoot anything that was needed. But John Perry said no.
At no time did John Perry ask me to return to shoot anything.
What is also not mentioned is that I actually made it to the end of the portrait before I collapsed.
What is abundantly clear from the email chain between John Perry and I, is that Perry began insulting my character when I had not watched his video within 12 hours of him sending it to me.
When these insults made me say that I didn’t want to hear from him any longer, he went insane.
He called me hundreds of times, came to my house in the middle of the night ringing my doorbell over and over, while screaming on the phone, “You have to come down and get what you deserve!”
When I emailed him that he had to stop or I would be forced to go to the police, though that was the last thing I wanted to do to my friend, as he already had a pending case for threatening two policemen with a baseball bat.
John Perry went to the police and filed a false police report against me.
Then he sent me an email saying, “John, I went to the police and filed a report. I told them the truth. That you owed and previously agreed to pay me the money you owe me, but that you threatened me with violence and said if you saw me you were going to hit me with a baseball bat. I am assuming you were serious, so if I see you on the street and you approach me I will defend myself. I am now protected by the law, in the event something unfortunate transpires between us.”

Any person with an IQ over 40 realizes that this is a threat.

Next, he found out where my doctor was and sent me an email saying he would wait there.

He did many, many more things after this. But I will just leave it there. John Perry knows what he did and it is enough for me to leave him with that for the rest of his life.

I would like this to be over. I would like to be safe and I would like to know for certain that I am safe. But after the thousands of threats it will be hard to ever believe this.

I do not believe John Perry is gay and I did not say he was behaving like a rebuffed lover.
These were words, among many, Tad Friend attributed to me that I did not say.

I do not mind if John Perry gets attention for his paintings. I only think that it is shameful for anyone to give him this attention because he threatened someone who is ill with Advanced Lyme Disease, in such an obsessive fashion for so many months.

I also wanted to say that John Perry was perhaps the most decent person that I ever met in my life. He just goes crazy from time to time. Really crazy. And then does everything he can to keep that a secret.
But when John Perry was my friend, I was proud to have him as my friend. He was more sensitive and moral than my athlete friends and tougher and more real than my artist friends."

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